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Jaana's, Laura's, Irma's and Kari's travelpages

At least one motorbike has been used unless something else is informed.

1) Trips with our whole family (the best one's)

2008  Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech rebublic, Germany, Austria, Swizerland, Liechtenstein, France, Luxemburg, Belgium and Holland. All but Jaana.
2006  Germany, Swizerland, France, Monaco, Italy, Corsika, Sardinia and San Marino. By DB Autosug through Germany and back from Italy. Whole family.
2005  Sweden (Gotland). Whole family.
2004  Sweden, England and Scotland. Whole family.
2003  Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Italy. By DB Autozug at Germany, both ways. Whole family.
2001  Passenger car. Test trip. Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Whole family.

Jaanan käsi nousee äidin kypärän taakseJaanan käsi nousee oman kypäränsä taakseJaanan käsi nousee Lauran kypärän taakse
Scotland, Isle of Arran, Brodick:s harbour. Jaana is making funny tricks again.

2) Parents own motorcycle trips

2012  Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden. Irma's and Kari's trip along the Baltic Sea's onshore
2011  Poland, Czech rebublic, Italy, Northern Germany. Irma's and Kari's trip together to Prague. When Irma had to come back to work Kari continued a bit further
2009  Sweden, Denmark, Faroe Islands (3 days), Iceland (7 days) and back via Denmark + Sweden. Kari  + 3 motorists from IMK = Imatra Motor Club
2007  Sweden, Norway, Scotland, (Orkney, Inner and Outer Hebrides), Ireland, England, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden. Kari + "SS1000 Ironbutt-drive" at the end
2005  The Autumn trip in Finland and Sweden. Kari's trip at the end of the season
2002  Germany, Austria, Italy, Corsika, France, Spain, Andorra, Swizerland (and by car train in Germany). Kari with IMK's bikers, F1-races at Barcelona
2000  Russia, Karelia's area. Kari with a group of bikers visiting the Eastern neighbour.
1998  Estonia, Jögeva. With IMK's bikers, "Jögeva-Treffen" motorcycle consentration
1996  Estonia, Saarenmaa. With IMK's bikers, "Jögeva-Treffen" motorcycle consentration
1995  Estonia, Vöru. With IMK's bikers, "Jögeva-Treffen" motorcycle consentration
1992  Sweden, England, Scotland, Holland, Germany. With IMK's bikers, Edinburgh FIM-rally and Donington Park RR-Races
1991  Germany, France, Jersey, Belgium, Luxemburg. Two bikes and four people, Magny Cours F1-Races
1988  Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy. One bike and one car, four people together some days, later Salzburg RR-Races
1987  Poland, Czech rebublic, Austria, old Jugoslavia, Italy, Germany. Two bikes and four people at "the Eastern side", Rijeka RR-Races
1986  Sweden, Denmark, Germany. With IMK's bikers, Anderstorp RR-Races + Kari's own trip to Baden Baden
1985  Israel, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Jugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Germany. Kari's trip back home from UN-battalion
1983  Sweden. With IMK's bikers, Anderstorp RR-Races

3) Other trips, all by plane

2013  Australia Melbourne, Tasmania and then New Zealand. Kari with car and RV + later Irma on North Island. Later on Australia, where nearby Cairns with another RV.
2011  New Zealand, Kari with RV on North Island + Australia with Irma by another RV
2009  New Zealand, Kari and Irma by RV on South- and North Islands. Laura travelled couple of days there too with us
2009  New Zealand, Laura on North Island, New Plymouth. Eleven months on student exchange
2007  Spain (Barcelona). Long weekend with whole family
2007  Laura four weeks at Malta. Language course

2005  Egypt (Luxor). Jaana, Laura and Irma

Näköala joelle Germany, Rathewald, Bastei's viewpoint. Elbe-river.

Plus several earlier and unwritten trips to Tenerife, Athens, Stockholm, London, Torquay (Kari's language course) etc. + Jaana's and Laura's frequent trips inside of Finland to grandparents and relatives + Laura's own school related trips to Russia, Austria and New Plymouth, NZ for practical training ("Working-Holiday") + Jaana with Irma in Turkey 2012. Laura flied back into NZ at Dec 2012 until summer 2013 and "permanently" 2014. Several work related trips have also occurred to Germany, England, Portugal, Sudan, Hongkong, China, but luckily not too often to lose the delight of travelling. Kari spent a week at London (April) and Irma traveled to Malta (May) 2013 for a language course and later at 2014 to India. Finnish/Russian border crossing stations are close, so it is quite easy to drive to there for cheaper gazoline, or use fast Allegro-train for visiting for example in Vyborg or St. Petersburgh.

4) Something else related to motorcycle travelling

Car train
 experiences from the car trains (DB-Autozug): Altona, Hamburg - Lörrach - Hamburg. Hamburg - Munchen - Hamburg. Livorno - Hamburg)
Ferry Some information how to anchor a bike into ferries
Gadgets for our motorcycles (grip warmers, automatic oilers, etc)
 [Text] [Pure list]: Everything we have had at least once tied into bikes - some thoughts, info and ideas

Mountainpass list (Google Earth): Most are from Alps but some amount from Italy and Spain too

2004: "Open Office" -depiction to Laura's shool class from out trip into Scotland (all in Finnish)

5) Updates

20210119  Panoramio-links are discontunued and removed, "2003_en" is slightly updated.
20141228  Year 2003 translation (full) to English is made by Laura and is available here now.

20130218  Year 2003 translation (partial) to English is made by Laura and is available here now.
20130111  Year 2001 translation to English is made by Laura and is available here now.
20121110  Year 2012 second long trip is cancelled because of a ground well drilling and a ground warm pump installation
20121003  Bigger site updating starts.

Happy trips to everyone from Jaana, Laura, Irma and Kari!